With love from Cambridge, MA

ImageDear all,

I have since forever writing and composing on clouds and water and leading a blissfully ignorant life, unscathed as it were by the vicissitudes of life, despite having gone through much.

However now, as a mother I feel responsible and more earth drawn. The Boston Marathon Bombing and its aftermath have made me understand that not everything is a poetic spool of expressions. Here I was with my child at the Doctor’s office 5 minutes away from the crime scene on Monday, suddenly feeling a far-reaching transformation within. 

It is not that I have forgotten summer’s recognition of blossoms or light on the reeds . . . I am just closer to finding a meaning between the elasticity of reality and dreams, between a mythic island and a real one.

I know we will rise above this. I just hope we don’t forget about this. It makes me think of birds called the rain doves, birds painted with rain. The sight of a bunch of these birds dancing over a large green field, used to make me feel that the world is still so good. I feel I hear their doleful cries now, predicting rain. Clear drops that will be as a caress causing an unfailing feeling to be gently washed by an almost elegiac sunrise, where our children will smile unmarred by what has happened or what could happen.

I feel a relational world. I understand the chasm between the cognitive and the intuitive. I see Joan of Arc, coming out of another light from the deepest core of my memories when as a child my dad would narrate stories of her courage and grit. I would only hear stories then, now in the wake of these events and the final outcome I feel like Joan of Arc exhaling breathing and absorbing the Universe just as I would like my child to be conscious and feel safe in. I wouldn’t trade places with anyone to be here in: Cambridge, Massachusetts.



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  1. It must have been scary but ya know the cold blooded killer has always been and always will be. The problem is when we make ourselves cold blooded killers and call it justice. I do not play God as there is such a need for angels in this world and you are certainly one, Ivaana ❤

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