The Devishes, for Lincoln and TED

Keep up the amazing work Andy!

Andy Cavatorta

The Dervishes have been described as sounding like ‘a choir of angry angels’ and also like ‘sniffing a thousand magic markers all at once’.

That unique sound comes from air resonating through 14 carefully tuned corrugated tubes. Robotic controls can spin each tube at a variety of precise speeds, producing four possible pitches per tube. The spinning also produces a tremolo and a Doppler-based vibrato.

In 2013 I was honored to win a Lincoln Prize, administered by TED Talks Inc. They asked me to bring a piece to Lincoln’s exhibition space at TEDActive 2013. I designed The Dervishes especially for this event.

The 8 day production window felt nearly impossible. They were built by many hands over six sleepless days and nights, though mainly by engineer Karl Biewald and myself. Then Karl and I drove them from Brooklyn, NY to Palm Springs, California in 40 hours to make the installation…

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