Celebrating Ivaana Muse’s Composition of “Snow”

Thanks Joanna. Its been a pleasure working on ‘Snow’. I relived so many moments in the process.



It’s been half-a-year since Ivaana Muse composed music to “Snow”—and the more I listen to her composition, the more I love it! I am so happy and humbled she chose my poem as the lyrics to her amazing work.  So today I am celebrating Ivaana‘s composition—and asking you that you please take a moment to listen to it!  Here’s “Snow” in Sound Cloud—composed and performed by Ivaana Muse.

I also posted links to the composition, its history, and the poem itself, in the POEMS section of my website.

And here’s a photo of my childhood garden in Olsztyn—my native town in Poland, one very snowy winter.  Echoes of that garden play in “Snow”…



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  1. A pulsatile ostinato underlies the voice and ‘cello echo of an angular riff or pattern. A shimmering sweep of small and large chimes occasionally sweeps over the voice. The aleatory or improvisational development mirrors the random yet cumulative growth of snowfall. I would certainly listen to it again. It seems like a good basis for a film score. Well done!

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