She was once a woman. Now she is just an idea.

She scribbles her heart between rocks and puddles, dust and rain, the evening strips us, but her words stay.

She is a will, an inscription on fallen stones, that once was real and now a color.

Blue, maybe green: what color is it when you mix fire in the Cretan Lyre?

Through gushed liquid light, and where the chalk colors the skies, she opens her eyes, a portrait aflame.

Deep within the silence of her life, drinking the waters from Lethe she drifts into a waking sleep. In the darkness of light, she watches the world illuminated into the infinite.


Singer-songwriter Ivaana is of Indian origin, intrigued by the Irish culture and tradition, deeply rooted in the United States and aspires to expand her muse’s myriad soundscapes around the larger global community.


Her first Album “Silver Lines and Strings” is in the making right now. Silver Lines and Strings is a compilation of songs written and composed by Ivaana which depicts unrequited love, troubled times, almost forgotten desires and visions in a wishfully idyllic and traditionally experimental musical way, using various genres or styles of music. Ivaana’s songs possess a surreal and picturesque approach to songwriting.


A page from Ivaana’s diary as she writes her songs:

“I am my own dream. In an unending spiral I see myself among gulf-swimming stars and the thick fragrance of blown roses. History brings back hurt and I am in love, a kind of consuming love with the truth of writing my pain in a murmur of happiness.

Truth bent at the knees like wings of a Beetle’s wish. Leaning into my own listenings,

The Sun’s calling,

The possibilities,

The meanings and the becoming

 of the transparencies of me.




Deep within my yearning,

Each weightless moment,

Swimming into the next,

My soul wet with the waters of waiting,

Bathed in the light of faith

My heart preening into my mind,

Meteors streaking, unraveling, at last…………”

Your words

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